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Totalware was created in order to become the leading providerof innovative solutions for the development of information systems and services.Using the most modern technologies, we offer better and more efficient operation to professionals and companies in the insurance industry. Totalware's employees possess many years of experience and special expertise in information systems and especially in insurance software applications.We have developed strategic partnerships with renowned companies in the IT sector and we have all the necessary tools to cover the whole spectrum of IT needs of an insurance company or an organization. We provide flexibility in planning, thanks to studies not only in information technology and modern methods of application development, but also in business administration. These are important features through which we identify the needs of our customers and in conjunction with the possibilities offered by the ever-changing new technology we convert them into business advantages for them.



We Look Out For Your Best Interests, we continue to develop our services even when we exceed your and ourexpectations.

We build software streamlines inter-company collaborative operationsand focuses on eliminating the costs and errors associated with redundant data entry.Along with business intelligence, we optimizethe functionality and the value of databases in our software, thus simplifying access to standardized data.

Our Goals

We become experts in each line of insurance that we target in order to provide our clients sound advice on business process optimization and best practices. Our products offer the deepest functionality available for handling more complex requirements and our staff is qualified for the continuous development of the changing market.

Our Goals

We follow a new model and a common approach to risk-reward, thus improving the success of the implementationand reducing the total cost for all parties. In other words, we share with our clients all IT associated risks by aligning our interests with theirs much more efficiently than by using a traditional software business model. Thus, we focus our efforts on product development and we help our clients realize the value of our work, increasing the benefits from the system.

Our Goals

Our commitment to these principles meets the goals we have set i.e. to achieve improvement, increased efficiency, organization, increased speed of results, technological modernization and ultimately – quality services and turnover growth for the enterprises who trust us. Finally, the strongest measure of our success is the extremely high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Goals


For professionals and companies operating in the insurance industry, for their better and more efficient operation, making use of the most up-to-date technologies.


Change the future

  • We are here to make a difference for a strong, healthy and sustainable business.
  • Serve your partners and customers with greater speed and accuracy.
  • Data Tranfer

    Data Tranfer

    Service Description

    Data is the heart of a company. And existing data must be transferred to a new environment - a new solution, migrated to the new operating systems, with proven experience from previous projects for insurance companies. We have created an effective transition plan to cover all data bases and their management from beginning to end. Saving time is just one of the benefits. Transferring and cleaning the data is the most important part of the application and it is the ultimate benefit.

  • Application Installation

    PHP / WordPress / Joomla
    Application Installation

    Service Description

    Database and application installation & requirements analysis
    After creating the original website there will be a presentation to obtain feedback on what parts need corrections and what needs to be added.

  • Minimize Cost

    Minimize Cost

    Service Description

    We provide integrated solutions that minimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the system, with the understanding that implementation and ongoing support and IT costs often substantially outweigh initial software costs. Simply stated, Totalware is structured to manage the system implementation from end to end and integrate each service and competence needed by our clients.

  • Support

    PHP / WordPress / Joomla

    Service Description

    Our services may include consulting, development and integration into existing systems, implementation management, handling of data, customized documentation, a variety of training tools and infrastructure equipment. As well as: integrated approach, monitoring and support service including a 24/7 help desk and issue support.

System technology & architecture


Totalware's products were developed on Microsoft's platform Visual Studio.Net 2008, succeeded today by Visual StudioNet2010.They are compatible withwebstandardsand support all popular search engines. Nowadays more and more programs use the Internet, which makes them quite easy to use and maintain, thanks to the fact that no installations are needed on users’ computers. This means that upgrades are required only for a single computer, making the process very reliable in the rapid implementation of upgrades and maintenance. This optimizes efficiency and performance, allowing your partners to do their job from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In Totalware's software products you can find ways to exploit new technologies such as mobile devices, large data bases, while cloudapplications give great opportunities for insurers to improve their operational efficiency and handle global collaboration projects.TheCloud also provides opportunities for new commission strategies using the business process as a service.

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