When we said the Totalware is the best in market of Softwares,we are mining this. Some of the ours best works
  • Flexible Security Access
    The multidimensional architec02ture and access security of Totalware allows administrators to give each user access to the specific data and functionality they need.

  • Collaborative platform
    The automation tools allow authorized users to collaborate easily in real time for the creation and processing of each claim file. Also, digital photos can be easily uploaded and made available to all parties.

  • Automated mail
    Letters generation and sending, notification of substitution and other correspondence can be handled easily using the Totalware's documentation engine which is based on data.

  • Smart control
    All changes to data, correspondence and uploaded files are kept permanently in a detailed and easily accessible log file.

  • Powerful tools for risk management
    Totalware offers a variety of flexible reporting tools for data analysis, pre-contract calculation of costs with various exemptions, identifying and isolating bottlenecks.All reports can be generated on the screen in the form of a PDF file or downloaded as Excel files.

  • Expandable database
    Totalware's module for claims managementcan be configured - no development needed - to capture and validate an unlimited number of additional data elements for future analysis.This feature provides complete flexibility so that the system can be used under all circumstances.

  • Attaching documents
    Electronic documents and photos of the vehicle can be added to each accident.



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