When we said the Totalware is the best in market of Softwares,we are mining this. Some of the ours best works

01In this area Totalwareoffers powerful features to improve the speed and the efficiency of processing applications, the further strengthening of customer service as well as satisfaction levels.The modules of our insurance system can be:

  • used interchangeably to fill gaps in your existing systems, or
  • used holistically to provide a comprehensive solution

Our software allows you to see how you can adjust insurance solutions, support your unique business processes and offer many benefits to underwriters, brokers, agents and policyholders.




Issuance of Insurance Certificates - Insurance Contracts

This module of Totalware's software improves the speed, security and efficiency of generating and issuing insurance certificates, while enhancing customer service and satisfaction levels.

Billing with an option to select coverages
The application follows the pricing philosophy of insurance companies and provides options for coverage selection.

Additional operations on a centralized basis
There are automatic controls in the application in cases of cancellation or changes in data regardingaccidents.

Generate Renewals
Automatic generation of renewals for all interested parties, collections updates and maturity.

Data image
Data imageoffers a variety of flexible reporting tools for data analysis. All reports can be generated on the screen in the form of downloadable PDF or Excel files.

Coverage management system
The application is based on the use of users that log in and allows them to see and perform certain procedures.

Add underwriting roles for partners
All parameters and user rights can be assignedfrom a special module which is accessible only to administrators.

Partner and commission tree
This module is where partners and their commission policies are entered. For each partner are entered the contract they have for a specific period and the hierarchy. The total number of partners is distributed in a pyramidal scheme that allows the assignment of commissions and overriding commissions.

Attaching documents
Electronic documents and photos of the vehicle can be added to each accident.




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