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Most companies today have to face stiff competition and highly demanding customers. That is why industry leaders have recognized the urgent need to be able to guide their business decisions in real time from statistical data and thus improve their competitive advantage.

Business Intelligence software is an ideal tool to help stakeholders in a company make decisions.

symbol03Total Analysis is the complete and affordable business intelligence solution that ensures in-depth analysis, processing and presentation of business information

dataUsing Total Analysis, which incorporates all the critical business queries, companies can have unique data analysis capabilities.

dashboardTotal Analysis with personalized desktops (Dashboards) for each user, offers instant access to snapshots of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as outstanding orders, sales commissions, sales forecasts, etc.

artificial intelligenceWith Total Analysis, users spend their time analyzing critical data rather than collecting it, resulting in faster and better business decisions.



Total Analysis is the affordable business intelligence solution and includes:

  • Multidimensional Data Analysis (OLAP CUBES).
  • Multiple print and graph management capabilities.
  • Illustration of statistical Indicators in the form of measuring instruments and Drill down capabilities

Drill up and maps.

  • On line or Off line connection with all commercial and financial market management applications.
  • Scheduling data renewal and execution based on parameters.
  • Export data to many alternative formats.
  • Interactive interface



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