Information Technology

We are the best on create and manage servers,storages,data bases and more

IT is a concept that covers a wide range of needs of a modern and technologically evolving company. Servers, networking, computer system upgrades, hosting, and more are a headache for a business, but Totalware can provide the best solution. Our engineers can manage your above problems and any other that belongs to the category of your electronic systems, setting as your first goal your functionality in combination with the low cost.




Web server, e-mail server and any kind of server required by your activities, we can guarantee you its reliability and proper maintenance. The servers are hosted in our data center with replication capability. We provide you with resources (CPU, RAM, capacity) to ensure the smooth and fast operation of your work.

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Total Ware provides hosting application. This is our way to guarantee once again the innovation of our services. This is not a simple web hosting. Instead, we provide you with the necessary infrastructure for hosting (redundancy, faceless operation). The equipment we offer is specialized at all hosting functions.

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Manage Switch is the reason that make us leaders at the network services. Flawless local area network operation, proper IP management, creation of efficient channels and network locations, creation of a corporate wifi network are just some of the benefits you can gain from our partnership.

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Computer system upgrade

Our experience in the field of software gave us deep knowledge on anything that related to it. Whatever software you use (Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Debian) we know exactly how to make it run more efficiently.

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